Ring A - Steers & Heifers

Progress Grand - $250 /Res. - $125

Prospect Grand - $1000 /Res.- $500

Supreme Champion - $250/ Res. - $125

Breed Champion-Belt Buckles

Res. Breed Champion-  Show Supplies



 Ring A Class winners receive   

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Ring B - Steers & Heifers

Progress Grand-$250 HF&C Gift Card

Progress Res.-$125 HF&C Gift Card

Prospect Grand-$1000 HF&C Gift Card

Prospect Res.-$500 HF&C Gift Card

Supreme Champ Heifer-$250 HF&C Gift Card

Res. Supreme Heifer-$125 HF&C Gift Card

Breed Champions-Directors Chair

Res. Breed Champions- Travel Chair

Ring B class winners receive show supplies  from HF&C, Purina and Weaver Leather  & Livestock

Top 5 Prospect Steers will be selected in Ring A and Ring B

 Ring A-$40/head          Ring B-$40/head
*Early Entry Deadline - June 10
*Late Entry Fee - Additional $10/head - CASH ONLY
*No late fee for Ring B
*Cash payback in ALL Classes
*NO REFUNDS on Entries
*A separate entry is required for each show-Must enter     Ring A to enter Ring B.
*Texas Exhibitors Only
*Blow and Show-no adhesives or glue
*Prospect: 875 lb. & Under.  Progress: 876 lb. & Over
*Turn in own weights - 5% weigh back
*Any steer that weighs out will not be eligible for prizes   and can not show in Ring B
*Steers may only be shown as a Prospect or Progress.     The same steer may not show in each division
*All Steers will be classified. No steer can be reclassed   once it has been classified. 
*Heifer Breeds with 3 or less entries shown in one class. 
*No heifers older than Jan. 1, 2020
*NO Shavings available. Bring your own shavings.
*Bring generators
*No porta-cools inside